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Our Grandmother, Katherine Fleming, along with her husband Florian (affectionately nicknamed Sard) bought this building in 1954 and opened Flemings Cafe. Katherine and Sard raised their three daughters MaryAnn, Kathy, and Sue in the apartment above the cafe, while Katherine cultivated a popular family restaurant known for it’s wonderful food. For twenty years Flemings Cafe was supported by its loyal, local customers, truckers passing through town, and local students after school or before sporting events. Katherines quality food, tasty pies, reliable service with a smile, and dedication to her community made this a wonderful place to call home. In 1974, a year after Katherine passed away, the three sisters decided to sell the cafe.

Zoom ahead to 2020 where cousins Holly Hurda and Corey Shoemaker decided to purchase the cafe and once again give Flemings Cafe a home. During construction a few of Katherine’s restaurant items were found, one of which was a pack of matches with Katherines motto printed on the back. With Katherines motto, an updated menu, remodeled kitchen, and some of Katherines favorite recipes we would love to have you join us once again. As Katherine thought long ago, and we still do today: Home Cooking Always Pleases!

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